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A message from Ray Hanania

Every company needs to do a press release to build their business, especially and most importantly during a crisis like the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Restaurants, doctors, grocery stores, retail businesses, you name it. They all need to publicize what they do.

The PR doesn’t just need to be carried by the mainstream news media the way it was required decades ago. The internet has changed that dynamic and given businesses the opportunity to promote themselves to large audiences, especially those in their target audience through social media.

But even with social media, you need to tell a compelling story about yourself, about your services and about what you do.

The public responds to compelling information presented in a format they can easily comprehend and identify with. Just because the mainstream news media has changed how it functions and the public has changed how it gets information, doesn’t mean that the public doesn’t still demand compelling information. News. Features. Even Op-Ed commentary. They must be well written and strategic in their message.

A well-written press release can make a difference.

That’s one of the things that I do. And I do it well. I have the training and experience, more than 45 years of great, award-winning writing.

It’s not as expensive as you might think. It’s very affordable.

In addition to my skills at writing your release, you also need to distribute it through different delivery services. Social media is a strong foundation. Distributing a great press release with a photo to your following will generate a greater response from that audience.

There are also services like PRNewsWire, which I work with closely, to target regions and states. Maybe your product is regional in Chicagoland, for example. Or, maybe it is targeted and of interest to a state. Maybe you would like to target a region like the Midwest or the South. Or, maybe you want to target the entire country. PRNewsWire distributes your release to every news media in each target zone you chose, putting the information in the hands of the editors and reporters who “might” use it.

I say “might” because there is no guarantee that anything will get published. It will be seen. Press Releases promote everything from the most compelling crafted event to the most real news. If you have “news” to share, that is also great. But when you don’t have “news,” you can also generate interest through an event or activity. I’ll help you with that, too.

Regardless, putting your face, name, business and information in front of the media and social media on a regular basis will result in coverage when the media, or the public, is “looking” for you or your services. You have to be in their face, the media and social media. So generating releases on a regular basis, at least once each month will bring results and increase public awareness.

Of course there is also the issue of crisis management. Maybe you find yourself in the media spotlight or the target of controversy. You can’t just ignore it. You need to address it and not permit the media to “spin” the story on their own to meet their needs or address their perceptions. You need to define the controversy.

Actually, controversy is always an opportunity to turn negative perception into a positive. You can take advantage of the fact that the controversy has focused the media’s attention on you or on your business. Don’t waste it and certainly don’t run or hide. A “no comment” will often mislead you into believing it might go away or be less brutal. But in reality a “no comment” only gives the media a “license to kill.”

Maybe the controversy will be bad, but there are levels of “bad.” And you can control how bad it is and even minimize the negative. Oftentimes you can turn it around into a positive. Don’t be the victim of bad press. Grab the bull by the horns. A good strategy can turn things around and give you an advantage.

You can call me anytime to discuss these services. That is what I do professionally, as well as offering my “informed commentary” and years of experience in my columns. (I don’t write about clients, but in the rare exception that I do, I will note that I have a relationship with a subject. Honesty is the most important quality in good writing.)

Call me today. The costs of a good press release are affordable.

      • $750 per 600 word release, plus distribution through my online news network.
      • The cost of PRNewsWire will vary from $350 to $900 per each 400-word press release. (Each additional 100 words adds about $150 more to the cost. Images Cost $350 to include with the distribution.)

It works.

Every company, every business, every organization from not-for-profits to for-profit enterprises should set aside a budget of at least 10 percent of their gross revenues for PR and media.

When you have health issues, you go to a doctor.

When your car has automotive issues, you go to a car repair service.

When you need a will, you see a lawyer.

When you file your taxes you see an accountant.

I guess I could go on and on. But those businesses that understand this principle that when you need to enhance your image, you see a communications professional to do PR, are the businesses that are the most successful.

Email me at [email protected] for more information.

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